We are Artists. Architects. Musicians, Skateboarders, family people, and bonkers. We love creating – designing and building. Because we are doers. Shape inventors. Designers. We love storytelling and events. We think and construct everything, as long as it’s not conventional. We don’t know any limits. Only challenges. And we love them, passionately. Form follows fantasy. Yep, we are nerds. Furniture makers. Room designers. People who make dreams come true. We bring ideas to experiences. We do not fit into a box. Except for what you most want. Exactly. We constantly transform the world. We find solutions. Whereas others follow set formulas, we work to the NvE Formula. New ideas, valiant eccentricity. For (almost) every client. Some people say that NvE is never the same, visionary, extraordinary. Name it what you like. We will keep staying different. Always Neulant, always van Exel. About