We installed a 20″ shipping container on an old MAN KAT1 military truck to create a massive mobile stage for festivals and events. The container has special folding side doors that open the stage towards the audience, and a huge air bag can be attached in front of it for stage diving. And of course we painted the whole monster, top to bottom.


The container is completely electrified and equipped with a speaker system plus an array of screens, lights, strobes and fog machines. Centerpiece of the stage is an MPC-style drum pad controller that can be used to trigger sounds and FX for interactive Karaoke sessions or full blown concerts. Huge back wall mirrors allow spectators to follow the fancy footwork of their friends performing up on stage. The Midi / DMX setup is controlled from the small booth to the right that also doubles as a DJ booth for parties and late night sessions.


We also added a staircase to access the stage from the back of the truck, an automated photo booth, a triangular chillout bench and a couple other details.

Photos: HYPEUP GmbH

CLIENT Das Kartell

DESIGN & PRODUCTION Neulant van Exel