In a new digital-first campaign for Hyundai Motor Company, the Berlin-based creative agency Jung von Matt SPREE shows how climate-neutral mobility works using hydrogen. As part of this effort, the team at Jung von Matt SPREE is transforming one of Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen-powered NEXO cars into a “Bubble-making NEXO”. To visually illustrate that the NEXO emits only clean water – and absolutely no climate-harming emissions – the campaign transforms the water from the tailpipe into big soap bubbles filled with plant seeds. That is what sustainability looks like.

The process behind the making of the bubble-maker for the Hyundai NEXO was a long one. Our engineers tried multiple variations of soap bubble mixtures, a range of seeds, and different sized bubble wands, before they nailed the final bubble maker.

Talking about the process of putting life (flower seeds) into bubbles we were trying out between 30 and 35 different seeds and finally we found 3 that worked within the project. Some are heavier, some are light, some connect easily with the bubbles, and some just fall through, it was a lot of testing.


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